Monday, 14 May 2012

What lies ahead of the Malay film making industry?

In 1937, the Shaws began establishing the basic infrastructure to make Malay films in Singapore by setting up a studio at No.8 Jalan Ampas. The actors came from local Malay opera troupes. Films produced ranged from family dramas to love stories to horror. The following films - Topeng Hitam (Black Mask), Mutiara (Pearl), Gagak Hitam (Black Crow), and Terang Bulan Di Malaya (Full Moon In Malaya) are some of the primeval “made in Singapore” productions.

Years after the closure of Jalan Ampas Studio, there is an increase in emphasis placed on Singapore’s Arts & Culture development. 

The Singapore Malay Film Society, (SMFS) was formed in May 2008. It is a platform where volunteers from different fields of society come together to support the growing film industry in SIngapore. Regardless of race, the group hopes to produce more Malay Films in Singapore. 
With this, coupled with support from the government, there is then the possibility that the filming industry could be revived.

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